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Gabe Valdez was a New Mexico state policeman assigned for many years to the northern part of the state surrounding Dulce where he was officially the central figure in investigations on cattle mutilations and UFO sightings throughout the region and became the world’s leading expert on the subject.

Unlike other investigators with access to far less information, Gabe concluded from the evidence he gathered that the mutilations were being carried out by rogue elements within the U.S. government and may have been part of an illegal bio-weapons program.

After retiring from government service, Gabe became increasingly active in exposing the illegal government activities, until August 7, 2011, when he died under what some believe were suspicious circumstances.

On a personal level, Gabe was a kind-hearted, soft-spoken and extremely likeable person who made a positive difference in the lives of the many people he interacted with.

An excellent book written by Gabe's son, Greg Valdez, entitled "Dulce Base The Truth and Evidence from the Case Files of Gabe Valdez" is available in ebook format. 


Across the western United States and even up into Canada, since the 1970s, cattle have been found with their blood and various body parts removed with extreme precision.  The cattle were sometimes found in trees or dropped from high enough to break bones. Predators would usually not touch the carcasses.

According to Gabe Valdez, humans and not aliens were behind the mysteriously mutilated cattle in the Southwest during the 1970s and 1980s.

"It's solved. I know who did it. I don't want to go on too much, because it's so sensitive – the research that we're doing."

"It's humans," he said, "not UFOs or Satanic groups or people from Mars – it was humans."

"It's taken me 30 years to figure it out. It has been solved as far as I'm concerned." 

Gabe solved the mystery after decades of field investigations, numerous laboratory tests and interviews with countless people.

As a state policeman from a ranching background, Gabe was able to win the trust of ranchers and others who had lost their cattle, horses and sometimes dogs to the mysterious butchers. It was through that trust that he gained access to information not available to other researchers who inevitably pushed an alien agenda either through ignorance  or in order to conceal the truth about government involvement. But, maybe there is some alien involvement deep beneath the many layers of deception.

Gabe told this author, "there may be alien involvement, but I have never seen any evidence of it. All of the evidence points to human responsibility."

As to why the government was doing it, Gabe wasn't entirely sure, but he knew that it was illegal. No ranchers were ever compensated by the perpetrators for their financial losses.

The evidence in some cases suggested bio-weapons testing. But that could have been better done in a laboratory or on some private ranch. The fact that the craft used in the operations were made visible at a time that the military is known to have cloaking technology suggests a psychological operation. The perpetrators wanted people to think that aliens were involved, and that does fit a pattern of promoting advanced classified aircraft as alien flying saucers from outer space. In fact, the alien-UFO psy-op may be the greatest military disinformation campaign ever and has been used as a cover for a variety of illegal activities, including abductions and mind-control. 

The reality is that deep-black U.S. military technology is often 50-100 years ahead of publicly known technology. 

on UFOs

Cattle mutilations often coincided with a rash of UFO sightings, and Valdez and his fellow officers had several close encounters with strange flying machines, including flying saucers.

On one occasion Valdez's team cornered an orange light in a field; as they approached, the light went out. Then, although they could see nothing, they heard a muffled sound like a lawnmower engine pass over their heads.

Another time Valdez and two colleagues ducked beneath an object that he described as disc-shaped, rotor-less, and dazzlingly bright.

Valdez described the noise it made as it flew over them as 'put-put- putting' or 'ticking' – hardly the sound of advanced alien technology. 

Gabe's files contained a number of photos of government flying saucers. 

The notion that flying saucers must be aliens from outer space was manufactured by the U.S. military to conceal the existence of flying saucers and wings captured from Germany after WW II and developed further by some of the same Nazi scientists brought to the U.S. under Operation Paperclip and other programs.

The first widely publicised UFO sighting, by Kenneth Arnold in 1947, was not of flying saucers at all but of Horton HO-229 stealth jet flying wings. Newspapers under the influence of government labeled them as "flying saucers", even though the drawing done under Arnold's direction clearly showed flying wings. It wasn't until the 1990s that the HO-229 became widely known about, but disinformation media has never made the comparison to Arnold's flying saucers that kick-started the whole UFO-alien disinformation complex. 

Kenneth Arnold with drawing of the flying wing UFOs he saw
Drawing of the UFOs that Kenneth Arnold saw on June 24, 1947. The flying objects were promoted by newspapers as flying saucers but were in reality captured German Horton HO-229 flying wings.
Line drawing of Horton HO-229 stealth jet developed during WW II by Nazi Germany. 

Had the world not been the victim of an American military psy-op and sightings reported accurately for what they were, the belief in UFOs as alien instead of advanced aircraft technology would not have taken root. With Russia and China having their own highly advanced aircraft, the original purpose for the deception is no longer valid and now the psy-op is entering a new stage to prepare humanity for a faked alien appearance. Any aliens presented are more likely to be genetically engineered humans or human-alien hybrids that are well under control of the military. They may be presented as a common threat to justify a global government or saviors to lead a global government. 


When deep-black elements of the U.S. military want to hide illegal activity they sometimes put it deep underground on an Indian reservation or large plot of private land, and evidence suggests that there is a major operation that has been running for many decades under Mount Archuleta and Archuleta Mesa near Dulce, New Mexico, on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation, with surface access from a 1,000 acre ranch that was previously owned by a military contractor.

One of the indicators that there is something important near Dulce is the fact that the disinformation media goes to great lengths to ignore credible evidence and claim that it is all just a conspiracy theory, and of course all of the Internet search engines display results mostly for the disinformation while censoring anything factual.

Aerial photos show military activity on the north side Mount Archuleta in the 1960s and 1970s. Locals in the nearby village of Trujillo, Colorado, claim that the military activity started in 1948. Records show that at one time the land was owned by a number of fictitious corporations, but those records were later doctored to indicate that the land was owned by a military contractor named William A. Redding, based in Texas.

Gabe Valdez found an active ventilation shaft for the underground Dulce base and took a photo of it. The shaft was later buried. 

Hiding something in plain site from the masses requires little more than managing the narrative. Most, but not all, people believe what they are told to believe by those in positions of authority. Most of the rest can be confused by a carefully managed cadre of fake whistle-blowers, researchers, theorists and others who are both supported and discredited, and Dulce has been the subject of so much bogus revelation and misinformation that it has drowned out the few sources of credible information.

One of the things that is curious about Dulce is that it was Air Force intelligence that first brought it to public light, which may indicate that the Air Force was not running the facility and had some axe to grind against those who did. 

And that brings up the case of Dr. Paul Frederick Bennewitz and Richard Doty of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).

Paul Bennewitz was was a physicist, electronic engineer and inventor who owned an electronics company called Thunder Scientific Corporation located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He lived next to Kirtland Air Force base and from the roof of his house he could look down into the base, where he saw strange craft flying out of the Manzanita Mountains on the east side of the base to the Manzano Weapons Storage Area that he believed were alien craft. He filmed the craft and recorded radio wave transmissions from them.

For some reason, Bennewitz was unwilling or unable to consider that the strange ellipsoid craft he was seeing belonged to the military or that the military wouldn't know what was happening on its own base. So, as a concerned citizen, on October, 24, 1980 Bennewitz contacted Major Ernest Edwards, head of the Kirtland AFB base security, who pretended to take Bennewitz seriously and asked the guards on the Manzano Weapons Storage Area to report to him any sightings of unusual aerial lights. Lights were seen and the information moved up the chain of command and was ultimately sent to Washington by Richard Doty who came to be known as a disinformation agent.

The Air Force encouraged Bennewitz and he was even asked to apply for an Air Force grant to study the phenomena, but at the same time Bennewitz became the target of a sophisticated psychological operation (psy-op) by the Air Force, other elements of the military, CIA, and a steady stream of agents of the great UFO-Alien disinformation complex. It is possible that Bennewitz was s victim from the start and was intended to see the strange craft. 

Yet, Doty steered Bennewitz away from Kirtland to Dulce and ensured that he had plenty to hold his attention there, including sightings of UFOs that Bennewitz was able to photograph. The Air Force even took Bennewitz to Dulce on its helicopters. 

Bennewitz became obsessed with UFOs and aliens and was distracted and confused from the Kirtland activities by a steady stream of so-called UFO researchers who were in reality disinformation agents. 

Bennewitz was also setup by fake radio transmissions beamed to him by the government pretending to be aliens. He was able to converse with the aliens using a computer the government provided to him. 

Ultimately, Bennewitz was driven insane by the U.S. military, had to be hospitalized and subsequently died on June 23, 2003.

Doty was reportedly shipped off to Germany where he worked in a kitchen (mess) until he retired, but the truth could be something else. After retirement from the military Doty went to work for the New Mexico state police, and started disclosing questionable information through the usual disinformation channels. 

One of the only people that Bennewitz sought counsel from who wasn’t a disinformation agent was Gabe Valdez. Bennewitz provided information to Gabe, which he investigated, and most of it proved to be accurate.

According to Gabe’s son, Greg Valdez, who spent time with Bennewitz and helped his dad with some of the investigations, “On a fairly consistent basis, Paul was providing Gabe with information that was essentially about 80 percent correct. The 20 percent of information that was not correct or that was not verifiable was related to aliens. It was later discovered that this 20 percent was disinformation provided by the Air Force and specifically designed to discredit Paul, and that is where the legend of Dulce began."

The case of Paul Bennewitz and the targeting of him is substantiated by FOIA documents released by the government, the admission of Richard Doty himself and intelligence agent Bill Moore.

However, the case of Paul Bennewitz doesn’t close the door to the possibility of an alien base being under the Dulce area. 

Many residents of Dulce  and surrounding areas do believe that there is a joint alien-human base where mind control and genetic engineering occurs. Many residents also report alien abduction experiences that are very similar to each other. 

One of the indicators of an underground alien facility is the presence of Sasquatch (Bigfoot), which acts as a sentry, and Dulce has those as well.

One of the other sources of information about the Dulce base is Phil Schneider, who claimed to have helped build it. However, much of Schneider's story can't be confirmed and some of his statements were inaccurate. He claimed that there was a gun battle between humans and the aliens in the underground Dulce base. He was likely a victim of government mind control who was intended to pollute the story. Schneider died under mysterious circumstances on January 17, 1996. 

Then there are the trustworthy confidential sources of information who are unwilling to go on the record or have their identities revealed out of fear of retribution. They indicate that under Mount Archuleta is a very old alien base that also has areas set aside for deep black military remote viewing/influencing operations conducted by genetically engineered beings, bio-weapons and chemical weapons manufacture. However, this military is not really under the control of the Pentagon and is part of a shadow government linked to post-war Nazis and Euro-American oligarchs. That may be why Richard Doty steered Bennewitz to Dulce, as a way to expose the rogue operation. 

The underground alien base appears to extend all the way up into northern Utah and was mapped in the late 1960s and early 1970s using a deep seismic survey with shock-waves provided by small nuclear bombs both underground and on the surface under the cover of Project Plowshares, Project Gasbuggy, Project Rulison, Project Rio Blanco and others. One of the seismic stations is still visible near Glade Park, Colorado. 

The presence of an underground alien base helps explain some of the bizarre phenomena seen from Dulce up to Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. 

Curiously, photos taken of a certain part of Archuleta Mesa have clearly shown monstrous faces in the boulders. This may indicate that some type of advanced psychotronics technology is being used in the underground facility as part of the psychic remote influencing operation using beings engineered specifically for the task.